Run for Food 5k run/walk

2018 Run for Food


Stroller Divsion

1st Place: Patrick O'Connor

2nd Place: Emily Towers


Congratulations to the top finishers: John Luaces and Tami Beall


Age 6-8

Female                                                              Male

1st Place: Nadya Koonce                                  1st Place: Owen Williams

2nd Place: Sadie Koonce                                  2nd Place: Wyatt Kendall

3rd Place: Alexis Olguin


Age 9-11

Female                                                               Male

1st Place: Capreece Beilke                                1st Place: Landon Olguin

2nd Place: Olive Haro                                         2nd Place: Evan Cooper

3rd Place: Ozma Bryant                                      3rd Place: Kadence Kendall


Age 12-15

Female                                                                 Male

1st Place: Cali Zediker                                         1st Place: Joseph Jernigan

2nd Place: Isabella Beilke

3rd Place: Savannah Olguin


Age 16-19

Female                                                                   Male

1st Place: Bianca Compton                                   1st Place: Griffin Hamann

                                                                               2nd Place: Chris Brown

                                                                               3rd Place: Justin Zuniga


Age 20-29

Female                                                                    Male

1st: Katie Gale                                                         1st: Steven Mosk

2nd: Janelle Jaegel                                                  2nd Place: Brian Carter

3rd: LeAnn Zuniga


Age 30-39

Female                                                                     Male

1st Place: Caroline Scott                                         1st Place: Micah Neville

2nd Place: Maggie Fitzgerald                                  2nd Place: Patrick Fitzgerald

3rd Place: Kelsea Ochs                                           3rd Place: Kylan Quick


Age 40-49

Female                                                                     Male

1st Place: Amanda Cooper                                     1st Place: Stuart Koonce

2nd Place: Tonya Mamedalin                                  2nd Place: Luis Olguin

3rd Place: Sarah Thibideau                                     3rd Place: Josiah Obst


Age 50-59


Female                                                                        Male

1st Place: *Tami Beall                                           1st Place: *John Luaces

2nd Place: Brenda Hall                                        2nd Place: Paul Hamann                                     

3rd Place: Carolyne Napper                                 3rd Place: Gregory Soriano


Age 60-69 

Female                                                                   Male

1st Place: Susan Snyder                                        1st Place: Jon Lopey                                                  

2nd Place: Marie Wells                                           2nd Place: Greg Napper

3rd Place: Melisa Raffaelli                                      3rd Place: Monte Mendenhall


Age 70+

Female                                                                    Male

1st Place: Sharon Redmond                                  1st Place: Norman Shaskey

2nd Place: Mary Jorgenson

3rd Place: Peggy Hooker


We apologize for the inconvenience caused by not having the medals at the event. They will be distributed to three locations over the course of Friday 11/23 and Saturday 11/24. We will notify you by email or text where and when your medals will be available.

Thank you for supporting Siskiyou Food Assistance by participating in the Run for Food!

2018 Event Information

Thank you 2018 Sponsors!

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  • Crystal Geyser Roxane Alpine Spring Waters
  • DJ Stan Beck
  • Dolores Casillas
  • JB Automotive
  • Lake Shastina Golf Resort
  • Mount Shasta Resort
  • Mountain Runners
  • Sousa Ready Mix
  • Starbucks
  • Swanson Images
  • Volf Construction

  • Aiello, Goodrich & Teuscher CPA's
  • Angela Ferrari DDS
  • Carola Shasta Zumba
  • Cooper's Bar & Grill
  • Directions, Mt. Shasta
  • Edgewood Custom Interiors
  • Edward Jones Investments - Kevin Charter
  • Ellie's Espresso & Bakery
  • Farmer's Insurance - Ken Palfini Agency
  • Fischer's Siskiyou Backhoe & Septic
  • Fitness with Lauren Morley
  • Heart Side Hair & Nail Co.
  • Hi Lo Cafe, Weed
  • Mt. Shasta Cinemas
  • Mountain Fitness
  • Napa Auto Parts, Weed
  • Ozoned Organics
  • Pizza Factory, Weed
  • Point S Tire & Auto Service, Mount Shasta
  • Ray's Food Place, Weed