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2022 Race Results

Top Thanksgiving Day Finishers:

Girls 6-8: 1st place, Teagan O'Connor;  2nd place, Alyvia Carter;  3rd Place, Emmie Carter

Boys 6-8: 1st place, Jameson O'Connor; 2nd place Sebastian Elliot

Girls 12-15: 1st place, Spencer Castil;  2nd place, Josie MacGuire

Girls 16-19: 1st place, Madelaine Towner (TOP FEMALE FINISHER);  2nd place, Marie Goodson

Men 20-29: 1st place, Sean Alvarez;  2nd place, Sam Neill

Women 20-29: 1st place, Kaitlyn Solano

Men 30-39: 1st place, Oudone Ngouyaphanh;  2nd place, Gabriel Sanchez,  3rd place Nicholas Lejeune

Women 30-39: 1st place, Lucero Sanchez;  2nd place, Kelly Cutler;  3rd place, Theresa O'Connor

Men 40-49: 1st place, Patrick Medora (TOP MALE FINISHER);  2nd place, Jake Nicholas;  3rd place, Jean-Phillipe Jestin

Women 40-49: 1st place, Julie Solano;  2nd Maria Santoni

Men 50-59: 1st place, Dan Towner;  2nd place, Todd Neill

Women 50-59: 1st place, Teresa Collier;  2nd place, Teray McBride;  3rd place, Angela Towner

Men 60-69:  1st place, John Cutler;  2nd place, Jim Howe

Women 60-69:  1st place, Ellen Wrona;  2nd place, Ellen Levy;  3rd place, Leslie Cutler

Men 70+:  1st place, Jim Wrona;  2nd place, Charley Stinson

Women 70+:  1st place, Donna Costner;  2nd place, Sharon Dohrn;  3rd place, Peggy Soletti

And they all returned safely



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