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Siskiyou Food Assistance Corporation

P. O. Box 96, Weed CA 96094

Strategic Plan


Our mission is to help our neighbors with sustainable, nutritious food supplies. To fulfill what Jesus said, “Whatever you do to one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40


  • To be a sustainable source of nutritious food to those in need throughout the South Siskiyou County area.
  • To help provide others with tools to become more nutritionally self-sustaining.
  • We are committed to helping those in need become helpers themselves.
  • To become a rally point for our community to help meet this need.
  • We will be sensitive to the spiritual needs of those we interact with and quick to share the gospel should they request it.


In 1986, Jerry and Denise Broomfield began assisting families in crisis with food from the back of their small church in Weed. The initial response was to a local mill strike, during which workers were without pay for many weeks. However, as that situation resolved, they discovered a much greater need in the area. In 2001 they organized Siskiyou Food Assistance, a 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to ministering to those suffering from food insecurity.


We want to make our community a better place through education and the involvement of our citizens to bring services to those in need. We accomplish our mission through our core values:

  • Every single person is valuable.
  • Each person is worth our time and assistance when services are needed.
  • When people are treated with respect, they learn to respect themselves.
  • The joy we experience in this work is shared with others.
  • We strive to nourish people in the manner God intended.

Organizational Profile

                Emergency food boxes. Clients who are registered with SFA may receive up to eight emergency boxes per calendar year, each a three-day supply of nutritionally balanced fresh foods and staples. Distribution address is 780 So. Davis Ave., Weed CA 96094. Hours are each Wednesday from 11am to 3pm.

                Produce Only. For those not requiring an entire emergency box, our farmer’s market style produce display may be available to registered clients on a weekly basis. The produce selection changes each week depending on availability.

                Community Dehydrator. Open to everyone in south Siskiyou County, this program allows for the safe storage of abundant produce to be used throughout the year. Our 20-rack commercial drying unit accommodates large amounts of fruits and vegetables. Food must be prepared prior to arrival at our pantry. Call for an appointment 530-408-6115.

                Thanksgiving Boxes. Our founders felt strongly about each family celebrating their blessings together with a traditional dinner in the comfort of their own homes, and have been facilitating that program for our low-income clients since 2001. Boxes include main ingredients for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, adjusted to each family size.

                Emergency Food Assistance Program (USDA Commodities). SFA is the distribution site for these pre-filled bags of items provided by the federal government for the city of Weed. Distributions are held six times per year. Please check our website for current dates. More information on this program is available from Great Northern Services


Goal and Strategies

18 month goals:

  1. Increased marketing as well as purchasing opportunities in correlation with resources like farmer’s markets, leading to an increase of another 1,000 pounds of weekly produce to distribute.
  2. Communication and marketing coordinator in place to handle quarterly newsletters, advertising and press releases within our community.
  3. Fundraising specifically with increased facilities in mind.

3 year goals:

  1. Sufficient, permanent facilities with room for increased services.
  2. Creating educational opportunities for our clients within the areas of food preparation and preservation, food budgets and sustainability.
  3. Recruiting a church liaison who can coordinate volunteers to attend to the spiritual needs of our clients.

Situation Analysis

Siskiyou Food Assistance is consistent in our service to the community. This strength allows our clients to have a reliable source of food at our weekly distributions. Our personal interactions with the clients gives the relational depth other organizations may not be able to achieve. Our volunteers are dedicated to our purpose and it shows.

We recognize our need for training among our board as well as other members of our volunteer staff. Our communication with the community, and our financial donors are always an area we can improve in. We are looking to address these areas within the next few months.

Future opportunities for SFA are limitless. We believe that God brings the increase and we look forward to seeing how this applies to both our clients as well as within the organization.

Service Levels

18-month goals:

  • Board training will be provided through The Center for Nonprofit Stewardship giving our board the opportunity to increase their understanding of their roles on the board.
  • Volunteer training and appreciation planned on a regular basis.
  • Have a volunteer coordinator in place to manage the hours of our regular and client volunteers.

3 year goals:

  • As a result of ongoing volunteer training, a safe and efficient environment will be provided for this valuable resource. Others will feel comfortable committing to assist when needed.
  • A visible increase of those who utilize services volunteering within the organization.

Financial Plans

A detailed projected operating budget showing sources of revenue and expenses is attached to this document. We are always prayerfully considering our future regarding our financial forecast and have projections for the next year also included with this document.

We would like to start a Farm-to-Table dinner as a second annual fundraiser. We hope to earn approximately $10,000 from the event in 2017.

Success Indicators

Ways we will be able to measure our success in the next three years include:

  • Increased relationships with local food producers
  • Quarterly newsletters being distributed
  • Increased communication in the community (weekly social media posts, newspaper articles, public speaking).
  • Two well-run fundraisers annually.
  • A facility dedicated to our cause.
  • Classes in place to educate our clients.
  • Staff members available to pray with clients weekly, should they request it.

Facility Plans

                A goal of SFA is to own a permanent facility, allowing us to increase the variety of services provided to our community. In the next three years, Lord willing, we will acquire a piece of property, plans, and funding for a facility with office areas, large storage space, commercial refrigeration, kitchen facilities for both produce preparation as well as the ability to provide warm meals.


Submitted by Amy Redelsperger

Adopted by unanimous board approval on September 22, 2016